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CropManager subscriptions

Included in the subscription Free Basic Premium
Access to Mark Online
Mark Online Premium (fertilization planning and stock)
Field plan
Access to field maps
Access to cultivation journal
Editing of fields and crops
Editing cultivation journal
Winter wheat, N supply curves
Winter wheat, fertilization tasks and supply
Winter wheat, satellite-calculated N requirements
Field analysis
Soil sample results
Drone images
Biomass maps
Water balance
Winter wheat and spring barley growth stages
Mowing forecasts
Grazing forecasts
Corn eyespot forecast
Corn harvest time forecast
Yield forecast for corn and winter wheat

Optional modules

Included in the subscription Alerts​ Variable rate

Alert for Septoria risk in winter wheat

Alert for lodging risk in winter wheat and winter rye
Alert for potato blight risk

Variable rate for fertilizer

Variable rate for crop protection
Variable rate for seeding
Use of base layers for editing variable rate maps
Digital archive for as-applied maps
Viewing of ISOXML files

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