for professional precision farming

CropManager is premium software for those seeking a professional approach to precision farming, thereby achieving financial, environmental and climate-related benefits.

CropManager benefits

Highlighted CropManager features

CropManager streamlines precision farming by automatically detecting the planned application type and generating an application map accordingly. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual selection of distribution models or sifting through various satellite images to find the optimal match.

Field analysis

Access to updated analyses of your fields, such as available biomass. You can see how the field has developed and compare its performance to other fields.


Have you found pests, fungal diseases, weeds or stones in the field? Highlight the area as a hotspot and dispatch a colleague to deal with them. You can also mark out drain pipes and wells.


Act in time by having forecasts of the risk of lodged corn, diseases such as maize eyespot and Septoria, as well as forecasts for maximising maize harvests and yields of winter wheat and maize.

We want to be ahead with this technology. When we can see both an economic benefit and a positive impact on the environment and the climate, it makes sense for us to use CropManager.

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